Here is a Q & A interview I did with a Kinesiology Major at San Jose State discussing exercise science, stress management and dealing with occupational stress.  


Q: How do you usually deal with the stress you encounter at work and how do you deal with it at home? 

I deal with stress through faith, breathing, visualization and by staying present in every moment. I also use my IDEAL coaching philosophy to guide my intent through all situations in sport and in life. 



Q:  Would you say you use self talk to calm any stresses you may have as well?  

Absolutely! If I’m stressed about something I will rehearse and practice until I feel more calm and relaxed and use self talk to keep my head in the game!  I don’t use self talk as a tranquilizer to just blow smoke up my &%$.  “It’s OK Adam you’re really great and everything’s going to be fine.” When I self talk I’m REAL HONEST with myself. 


Q:  Does your work environment affect your stress levels, and in what ways? 

The main thing I stress about at work is the safety of the kids. I have learned though that this is an opportunity to teach the kids about safety and being aware of their surroundings. This translates to better spatial awareness that will  benefit them in sports and in life


Q:  Has anything unexpected come up from work? What happened and how’d you deal with that new stress event? 

COVID-19 was really unexpected and I think we are all dealing with new levels of stress. I have dealt with this situation by communicating with customers and continuing to build relationships, create distance learning material for families and virtual training for kids.  


Q:  Do you have any advice for someone interested going into the job area you work in? 

My advice is think twice! Ask yourself these questions. Do you love sports? Do you love kids? Do you love to teach? If you can’t imagine doing anything else then a coaching profession could be something you’ll love and be able to do for a long time. 


Q:  Are there any stresses you had at the beginning working in your field that you don’t experience anymore? If so, what were they? 

I was stressed when I first started teaching to kids below age 7. I didn’t have a lot of experience with this age and I wasn’t sure of myself and what to do.  But the more experience you have dealing with situations the less stress you have. So, I practiced and worked at it and now there are very few situations that I have not dealt with.  I’m able to be present in each moment rather than panicking or thinking about what could happen. I know that no matter what happens I have the knowledge and experience to handle any situation the IDEAL way. 


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