The I.D.E.A.L. Philosophy

As a basketball training and development program I want players to learn basketball skills and love the game. I also want players to feel inspired and excited of the important life skills they can take with them. When I coach I embody the philosophy and use it to help me INSTRUCT and INSTILL these values with the players.

> Inspiration

> Dedication

> Effort

> Attitude

> Love

What does it all mean?

The Philosophy emphasizes life skills and basketball in every drill, and helps  develop leadership skills, confidence, enthusiasm, basketball skills, sportsmanship, and great communication skills in players of all levels.

Inspiration: Alley-Oop is committed to inspiring players, because we know players develop their basketball and life skills the furthest when they are engaged and committed. This is the leading feature of our programs and therefore the first ingredient in the IDEAL philosophy.

Dedication: Our coaches show players how to dedicate themselves by finishing what they start. By emphasizing dedication in our training, we ensure that our coaches do more than just “show up” to coach. They are continuously engaged, proactively looking to improve everyone’s experience.

Effort: Alley-Oop rewards anyone who makes a genuine effort, which inevitably leads to stronger skills development. Every player gets a fair chance and is appreciated for their efforts first.

Attitude: Our coaches demonstrate a positive attitude through their verbal and non- verbal communication cues. Players emulate them, learning to demonstrate a positive attitude through their actions which ensures a positive experience for everyone.

Love: Alley-Oop is committed to developing the love of the game and modeling respectful, compassionate behaviors in players both on and off the court. Our coaches are taught to help players feel safe, respecting themselves and others, and checking egos at the door.

Alley-Oop classes also help players execute skills consistently in drills and live situations. (Read more about our I.D.E.A.L. Training Method here)

Our classes teach kids that what they practice on the court will help them develop the resiliency they need to take with them off the court. As a parent or coach you will get more enjoyment watching your kids develop with Alley-Oop Basketball!