How to develop a “Culture Of Care” in youth sports? 

I believe it starts from the Inside/Out. In other words, it starts with you YOU coach!  A coach is responsible for developing the whole player (values+character+emotion) and integrating individuals into a team environment where they can thrive. I use the Culture Of Care module to help guide my intentions on and off the court. It’s a reminder (when things get hard) of my purpose. I try to instill these characteristics and values with my players so they can enjoy and live life to the fullest.

A coach needs to be an intentional leader. Through your intentions you can pass on information and inspiration that determines your Culture Of Care. 

A Culture Of Care is about influencing players to be the best they can be.  When you influence someone, you have their respect and their attention.

The Culture Of Care module (below) has assisted me in carrying out our company mission; To play a supportive role in the filigree of a community and to develop youth into energetic and emotionally responsible individuals. For me, there’s no higher purpose in life!

Coach Dallas