They say a picture tells a thousand words, so these videos will surely speak volumes to how dedicated our team of coaches is and how fun our classes and camps are. Take a look at the joy on the players’ faces.  Head Coach Dallas also goes by the name Coach Dog!


Just as important as having a positive atmosphere is having an appropriate game plan with drills structured for the age group. When teaching drills to young players we avoid drills and games that take too long to set up and explain, or have too many players standing around.


Most of all, what we’ve learned through thousands of hours of collective coaching experience at Hoopstarz is that when you teach to the heart, the mind will follow. That’s why we always start with engaging each player and making sure they know the atmosphere is welcoming and positive. Learn more about the Hoopstarz coaching philosophy and don’t forget to Inquire and Sign Up for Spring Break and Summer Camps!