Become a Basketball Coach

“I believe we can achieve whatever we can conceive!  I  teach coaches how to help people believe in themselves.  The IDEAL system helps coaches quickly uncover what is limiting that potential.”  – Coach Dallas

Want to coach basketball, or are you a coach looking to improve your skills? Come see what Alley-Oop is all about in our coaching workshops, and get introduced to our I.D.E.A.L. Coaching Philosophy & I.D.E.A.L. Training Method through both classroom and interactive on-court skills training.

Participants will learn how to embody the 7 Essential Traits of a Great Youth Basketball Coach, including tips on how to achieve great communication and positive leadership. This workshop is a great fit for high-school, college, and junior college athletes, as well as parents or community members who are interested in becoming a basketball coach.

Our coaching workshops include both classroom sessions and interactive skills classes. We also invite some of our Alley-Oop students, giving you a first-hand look at how a Alley-Oop class is run.

Some participants will be invited to apprentice with us, with the goal of becoming an Assistant or Head Coach during our Basketball Skills Classes. If you are looking for an exciting coaching opportunity, don’t miss our next workshop!

See you on the court!
 Adam Dallas / Coach Dog


Date:  May 30, 2018

Location:  Bay Club Courtside, Youth Center (14675 Winchester Blvd. Los Gatos, CA 95032)

Time: 5pm – 7:30pm 

Cost: FREE

Coaching Course:  Level 1 – Coaching Foundation / New Coach Orientation / Coaches Scrimmage

Course Outline:  Recruitment Packet.

Please RSVP by calling (408) 384-8570. 


Learn more about our tried and true coaching program!

Recruitment Packet



Attending one of our coaching courses and workshops DOES NOT guarantee your eligibility to coach for Alley-Oop.  Once you have taken the workshop the next step would be to gain further work experience.  This is done through “Shadow” Coaching while working directly under one of our Head Coaches . After you have completed  the “Shadow” Coaching requirement you would be considered for a paid coaching position.  Before the start of a paid position you will be required to pass a reference and background check.